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What Does BETA Mean?

Here's What You Can Do With outRise (BETA)

For the first several months, outRise will be in "BETA" mode, which is the process of identifying errors, inaccuracies and bugs in the app and fixing those issues. 

However, we've made sure that outRise is still incredibly useful even when it's in BETA mode. That means that today, with the outRise BETA you can:

  • Create experiences
  • Find experiences near you
  • Get step-by-step directions for experiences
  • Comment on locations (what you ate, when to go, what to do)
  • Like experiences
  • Save experiences for later

Coming very soon, outRise will feature:

  • The ability to share your experiences on social media
  • The ability to create experiences in real-time using GPS
  • Premium Experiences


As outRise is still in BETA, we're relying on users like you to tell us how we're doing. Tell us what you love, what you'd like to see changed, and any other features you'd like to see! Drop us a line at hello@outrise.com - we'd love to hear from you!