How Do I Reorder Stops?

To Reorder, Tap The Card And Drag

To reorder an experience, you need to hold the card that you'd like to reorder and drag it up and down. 


Scenario 1: You want to reorder stops while creating an experience

1. Scroll down to the stop you want to reorder

2. Tap and hold the tile

3. Drag the tile up or down


Scenario 2: After you create your experience, you want to go back and reorder it.

1. Head to "Saved" in your profile

2. Head to your "Created" experiences

3. Find the experience you'd like to reorder. Click on the experience and tap, "More Options"


4. Tap "edit"


5. Scroll down to the tile you'd like to reorder.

6. Tap and hold the tile

7. Drag the tile up or down