How To Create An Experience

Creating an experience is easy.

  1. On the app’s home page, make sure your location is set to your city (if it’s not, tap the city name in the top left and type in your city name)
  2. Tap “Create”

3. Tap “Find Stop” and type in the name or address of the stop.

Alternatively, you can type in keywords to search for stops that you would like to add to your experience.

For example, you could type in things like “Santa Monica Pier”, “Mapleside Farms” or “50 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012”

4. Select your stop and click “Add to experience+”

5. After adding, you can then go back and slide the location card to the right and a note & photo of your stop (you can also hit “skip” to skip the note and photo).

This is a great chance to mention things like best times to go, your favorite menu items or any other pertinent information to the stop.

6. Continue to add stops just like this. Once you’ve added your final stop, scroll down to “Next”.

If you’re struggling to locate this, beneath the “Add Stop” box you’ll be able to scroll down and see a summary of your experience. At the bottom of this is the “Next” to click.

7. Next, give your experience a catchy name and choose a photo that will represent the experience to other users on the “Discover” page
  1. Add a title
  2. Select a photo to use as the experience photo
  3. Add a short description
  4. Choose a category
  5. Choose a skill level and click “Next”